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Fire Safety Poster & Essay Contest Winners Announced!

Student Poster Contest Congratulations to this year’s fire safety student poster contest winners! We were blown away by a record number of entries this year with 411 submissions from students all across the state, up from 357 last year. Posters were judged based on the effectiveness of fire safety, artistic ability, and creativity. Congratulations to […]

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Fire Safety Teacher Essay Contest – Win up to $1,500!

Calling all Wisconsin Teachers The Professional Fire Fighters of Wisconsin Charitable Foundation is a 501(c)(3) public charity serving as champions for burn survivors, fire fighters, and safe communities statewide. We are calling on teachers to help us prevent fires and burn injuries by writing an educational essay highlighting fire safety in your classroom, school, or […]

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Smoke Alarm Purchase – Invitation for Bids

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2019 Fire Safety Newspapers in Education Poster and Essay Contest Winners

Every year in our Fire Safety Newspapers in Education Program, there is the opportunity for students in all grades to participate in our Fire Safety Poster Contest. In addition, there is the opportunity for Teachers to write a one page essay on how they would use the monetary award for their classroom specifically to continue […]

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Home Sprinklers

You already know that a fire in a home is very dangerous to the people who live there and to the firefighters who must respond. Did you also know that a fire is very harmful to the environment? It’s true. Home fires damage the Earth in several key ways: The carbon emissions that result from […]

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Kitchen Fires

Q: In which room of the house or apartment do you think the most house fires are started? A: Here’s a hint: has anyone in your family ever cooked something too long, and it started burning and getting smoky in the air? If you are thinking about the kitchen, you are right. The kitchen is […]

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