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Become Part of the Burn Community

Do you know someone who is a burn survivor? Maybe they’re a friend, a family member, a neighbor, or someone you just met. Have you ever wished there was something you could do for them or wanted to know more about the burn community? Did you know that you can help and be a part of this wonderful community?The first thing you should know is that taking action really isn’t that difficult. Change begins with these three simple steps.

  1. Learn about your local burn communities and organizations.Have a parent help you do an online search to find resources near you. You can do this without leaving your house or changing out of your pajamas! Have you searched how many resources there are in your city? Or county? Surrounding areas? Or even in your state! Learning what’s around is the first step to be an advocate for the burn community. For more information, check out the Professional Firefighters of Wisconsin Charitable Foundation at !
  2. Connect with organizations, events, and burn community networks.

Now that you know of locations near you, it’s time to take action! Go outside and connect with the community. Maybe a burn related organization is in need of volunteers for events or fundraising opportunities. Some camps for burn survivors collect donations, and you could help! By participating in events and learning more about the families it serves, it connects faces to names and makes your contributions even more meaningful. Even kids can help support burn survivors by gathering resources like toys or stuff for a burn camp.

Don’t have any organizations or resources near you? There are a variety of online resources, social media pages, and online groups that reach burn survivors around the world. The Phoenix Society for Burn Survivors is a leading non-profit organization that supports burn survivors and families from all over the world through support programs and an online community. Learn more about their amazing work and ways to connect at .

  1. Acceptance, Kindness and Advocacy.

This is easiest step of all, but it’s also the most impactful. Giving a kind word to any-one can brighten up their day. Set an example for others by being welcoming. Include a burn survivor in activities. This can make a big difference to somebody you know has a burn injury or a family member affected by a burn. Try this out at your school, neighborhood, community center, spiritual center, work, and even at the grocery store.

Acts of kindness include small but important things! If you meet a burn survivor:

  • make eye contact and smile!
  • have a conversation (about anything!)
  • encourage them through their journey

Being accepting and kind can open the doors to lasting friendships and create an opportunity to learn more about the burn community. Advocating doesn’t always mean standing at a podium and speaking to prove a point. It is about being consistent, genuine, and caring about an important cause or community.