Professional Firefighters of Wisconsin Charitable Foundation

Working to create a fire-safe and burn-free Wisconsin

All Hands on Deck

As fire fighters and paramedics, we see people on the worst days of their lives. When people are at their worst, we have to be at our best. One of our mantras in the fire service is “All Hands Working,” – everybody is doing something on scene to stabilize it, to make the lives of the people we serve, better.

The work the Professional Fire Fighters of Wisconsin Charitable Foundation (PFFWCF) does makes a difference in the lives of the people of Wisconsin. The job is not done, we need “All Hands Working” to create a fire-safe and burn-free Wisconsin. The PFFWCF Board of Directors, staff, committees, and volunteers work tirelessly to deliver programming for burn survivors, fire fighters, and committees across the state. Our fire prevention programming reaches every community in Wisconsin. We support fire fighters in their time of need and work to improve their health and safety, so they can better serve their communities both on and off duty. Our team does amazing work.