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2019 Fire Safety Newspapers in Education Poster and Essay Contest Winners

Every year in our Fire Safety Newspapers in Education Program, there is the opportunity for students in all grades to participate in our Fire Safety Poster Contest. In addition, there is the opportunity for Teachers to write a one page essay on how they would use the monetary award for their classroom specifically to continue teaching on Fire Safety and Fire Prevention. We encourage all schools and teachers to reach out to us if they would like to receive this FREE program for their school leading up to Fire Prevention Week the beginning of October. You can see this years full version under “Fire Safety and Prevention” Tab.

As of February 5th, 2020 we have reached out to all the award winners. Due to this being a surprise to some students and teachers we will announce the names and schools the second week of March when all awards have been given out.

Thank you once again to all the teachers who continue to teach Fire Safety and Fire Prevention to their students! With your help, one day, we will have a Fire-Safe and Burn-Free Wisconsin. Thank you for being a Champion of Fire Safety!

Yours in Fire Safety,

Eric Salzwedel

Program Coordinator,